Distance Reiki Sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy Technique that helps you relax, destress and in doing so helps promote healing.

How can Reiki help?

Reiki can help lessen depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and so much more. It can help aid you in becoming more relaxed in your daily life.

What is a Distance Reiki session?

In a distance Reiki session, you receive a Reiki session in the privacy of your own home while the practitioner is in the privacy of their own home conducting the Reiki session. Energy is energy and can help you regardless of where you are in the world.

An example of this would be the an experiment conducted by a man named Masaru Emoto. He was a businessman and pseudoscientists who had a theory that the human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water.

His experiment consisted of 2 glasses of water in 2 separate rooms.

In the first room, the glass of water was exposed to negative talking, thoughts and actions.

In the second room, the glass of water was exposed to positive talking, thoughts and actions.

When Emoto viewed the differences of the structures beneath the water, what he found amazed him!

The water in the first room…….was deformed if formed at all

The water in the second room……was beautifully shaped geometry.

So, you see, thoughts, words and actions carry weight even across the world.

What happens in a distance session?

I call you via FB or WhatsApp at the time of your session and give you instructions to find a quiet and comfortable place to lay down and relax. I walk you through a simple meditation. I then hang up my phone, conduct the Reiki session for 45 minutes to 1 hour and call you when it’s completed. I do ask you to ignore any calls that come in between this time. The goal is for you to relax during the session.

As I conduct the session, I check our energy centers (chakras) and how energy if flowing through your body. I send Reiki energy into the areas of your body that seem blocked or slow.

It’s a bit like acupuncture only without needles.

How much is a Reiki session?

45-1 hour session is $80
Sessions are done virtually.

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Reiki Classes

I have been a Master Reiki teacher for 8 years now and it has been an absolutely beautiful journey.

I post all of my classes on my FB business page in the events tab.

I teach the Usui Tibetan Reiki Reyoho Method Levels I, II, ART (Advanced Reiki Training) and Master.